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The multi-part storyline takes place across two seasons. Multiplayer matches and co-op mode have been added to the game, along with various balance changes to make the gameplay more fun. A new game mode called "Knife Fight" was added, which is an adaption of the arcade game, "Super Meat Boy", which also has a story. Story In 1958, 15-year-old Princess Erica of the Tolinia Kingdom is gifted a gift from her mother, Queen Theresa. She is given a laptop, a white horse and a green sword that can transform into various forms. One day, the princess is visiting her father, King Geoffrey the White, in his homeland of Vesta. An accident occurs and he dies in her arms. The Tolinians  believe he is merely unconscious and the princess's uncle, King Geoffrey the Black, inherits the throne. He treats her badly, but they become close friends and Erica runs away. After making it out of her uncle's territory, she hears a message that her uncle has invaded and occupied the Stivale Peninsula. Erica makes it to the peninsula and confronts the rulers of various countries. She kills many of the occupiers and unifies them against her uncle. She then reunites with the army and departs for her uncle's territory. She successfully defeats him, and he is imprisoned and the crown is restored to her. Development Theatre of Illusion is one of the first major games that can be played with a touch screen. It was the first major game that allowed players to combine their own music into their soundtrack. The game's soundtrack was composed by Joel Corelitz, who also co-composed the soundtrack for the Game Boy Advance version of the game. Corelitz also had written and produced music for many television shows such as "Zynga Poker" and "Zynga Hold'em Poker". Corelitz was also the chief music coordinator for "Zynga's America's Card Game" and "Zynga Poker Hold'em." "Theatre of Illusion" was released on Steam's Greenlight on July 8, 2013. Since then, it has been rated as an average of 85% by more than 35,000 people. Gameplay Players are asked to combine their own music with the soundtrack by creating a soundtrack list that is in sync with the game's atmosphere. This combination is then used to play the game.




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